Here is a table of the Internet Standards alphabetized in each table according to its designated letter and their relative descriptions:

Acct URI schemeUniform Resource Identifier scheme for accounting
Address Resolution ProtocolProtocol used for mapping an IP address to a physical address
Admission controlProcess of regulating access to a network or service
Aggregate Server Access ProtocolProtocol for accessing aggregated server resources
ALTO (protocol)Application-Layer Traffic Optimization protocol
Archie (search engine)Early search engine for locating FTP files
Architecture for Control NetworksFramework for control networks
AS1 (networking)Autonomous System 1 in computer networking
AS2Applicability Statement 2 in computer networking
Automatic switched-transport networkNetwork that automatically sets up and tears down connections
A Table

Base62Base encoding scheme using alphanumeric characters
Base64Base encoding scheme using 64 characters
Berkeley r-commandsSet of remote commands used in UNIX systems
Bidirectional Forwarding DetectionProtocol for detecting and monitoring network paths
Bootstrap ProtocolProtocol for dynamically assigning IP addresses
Border Gateway Multicast ProtocolRouting protocol for IP multicast traffic
Border Gateway ProtocolRouting protocol for exchanging routing information
B Table

CCSO NameserverNameserver used in early internet systems
CE-HTMLMarkup language for digital TV applications
Certificate Management over CMSProtocol for managing certificates using CMS
Certificate Management ProtocolProtocol for managing certificates
Classless Inter-Domain RoutingIP addressing scheme for efficient routing
Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery and RetrievalEarly internet search and discovery service
CRAM-MD5Authentication mechanism using MD5 and HMAC
Cryptographic Message SyntaxSyntax for secure transmission of messages
C Table

Data URI schemeURI scheme for embedding data in a URI
Default-free zonePart of the internet where all routers agree on default route
Deterministic NetworkingNetworking approach with predictable behavior
DHCP snoopingSecurity feature for filtering DHCP messages
Diameter (protocol)Authentication, authorization, and accounting protocol
Diameter Credit-Control ApplicationApplication for credit-control services using Diameter
Differentiated servicesQuality of Service model for network traffic
Directory information treeStructure for organizing and accessing directory information
DNS-based Authentication of Named EntitiesProtocol for authenticating domain name owners
Domain Name SystemSystem for translating domain names to IP addresses
Domain Name System Security ExtensionsExtensions for securing DNS communications
Dynamic Host Configuration ProtocolProtocol for dynamically assigning IP addresses
D Table

Endpoint Handlespace Redundancy ProtocolProtocol for redundancy in endpoint handlespace
Enriched textMarkup language for enriched text
Enrollment over Secure TransportProtocol for secure enrollment of certificates
Ephemeral portTemporary port used for network communication
Exterior gateway protocolProtocol for exchanging routing information between autonomous systems
Exterior Gateway ProtocolRouting protocol for exchanging routing information
External Data RepresentationData representation format used in network communication
E Table

Fast and Secure ProtocolProtocol for secure and efficient communication
FAST TCPTCP congestion control algorithm
File Transfer ProtocolProtocol for transferring files over a network
File URI schemeURI scheme for accessing files on a network
Finger (protocol)Protocol for retrieving user information from a remote system
FTPSFile Transfer Protocol with SSL/TLS encryption
F Table

G.9963ITU-T standard for home networking over power lines
G.9970ITU-T standard for broadband access over power lines
G.hnITU-T standard for high-speed home networking
Generalized Multi-Protocol Label SwitchingProtocol for forwarding packets in a network
Generic Security Services Application Program InterfaceAPI for security services
Gopher (protocol)Early protocol for accessing and retrieving documents
GPSoverIPProtocol for transmitting GPS data over IP networks
G Table

H.248Protocol for controlling media gateways
H Table

ICalendarFormat for exchanging calendar data
ICMP Router Discovery ProtocolProtocol for discovering routers on a network
IETF Administrative Support ActivityActivity supporting administrative functions of IETF
Integrated servicesQoS model for providing real-time services
Internationalized Resource IdentifierURI scheme supporting international characters
Internet Control Message ProtocolProtocol for sending control messages in IP networks
Internet DraftWorking document of the IETF
Internet Experiment NoteDocument describing an experiment or research
Internet Group Management ProtocolProtocol for managing multicast group membership
Internet Group Management Protocol with Access ControlProtocol for managing multicast group membership with access control
Internet Protocol version 4Version 4 of the Internet Protocol
Internet resource locatorLocator for resources on the internet
Internet SocietyOrganization promoting the development and use of the internet
Internet Society NepalChapter of the Internet Society in Nepal
IS-ISRouting protocol for exchanging information between routers
I Table

JSON Web EncryptionFormat for encrypting and decrypting JSON data
JSON Web SignatureFormat for representing digital signatures in JSON
Jughead (search engine)Early search engine for locating Gopher resources
J Table

Layer 2 Tunneling ProtocolProtocol for tunneling network traffic over IP
Lightweight Directory Access ProtocolProtocol for accessing and managing directory information
LDAP Data Interchange FormatFormat for exchanging directory data in LDAP
Link Control ProtocolProtocol for establishing and terminating data link connections
Link layerOSI layer responsible for physical network communication
LISTSERVMailing list management software
L Table

M3UAProtocol for signaling between IP networks and SS7 networks
MAC-Forced ForwardingTechnique for forwarding traffic based on MAC addresses
Media gateway control protocol architectureArchitecture for controlling media gateways
MIME Object Security ServicesServices for securing MIME objects
MIMIC SimulatorNetwork simulation tool for testing network devices
MiracastWireless display standard for mirroring screens
Mobile webWeb browsing on mobile devices
MPLS-TPTransport profile for Multiprotocol Label Switching
Multicast Listener DiscoveryProtocol for discovering multicast listeners
Multiprotocol Encapsulation over ATMEncapsulation method for transmitting multiple protocols over ATM
Multiprotocol Label SwitchingProtocol for forwarding packets based on labels
M Table
National Internet registryOrganization responsible for allocating IP addresses
Neighbor Discovery ProtocolProtocol for discovering and configuring neighboring devices
Nepal IGFInternet Governance Forum in Nepal
Net-SNMPSuite of SNMP tools and libraries
NETCONFProtocol for network configuration
Network Access IdentifierIdentifier used for network access authentication
Network Data RepresentationData representation format used in network communication
Network News Transfer ProtocolProtocol for retrieving and posting Usenet articles
Network Security ServicesSet of security libraries and tools
Network Time ProtocolProtocol for synchronizing clocks over a network
Bounce messageError message indicating non-delivery of an email
N Table

OCSP staplingMethod for checking the revocation status of an SSL/TLS certificate
OFTPProtocol for secure file transfer
Online Certificate Status ProtocolProtocol for checking the revocation status of digital certificates
Open Shortest Path FirstRouting protocol for interior gateway networks
O Table

Point-to-Point ProtocolProtocol for establishing point-to-point connections
Poly1305Message authentication code used in cryptographic protocols
Pool ElementComponent used in managing resource pools
Pool RegistrarEntity responsible for managing resource pools
Pool UserEntity utilizing resources from a resource pool
PortmapService that maps remote procedure call programs to ports
Proxy ARPTechnique for proxying Address Resolution Protocol
P Table

RADIUSProtocol for authentication, authorization, and accounting
RdateProtocol for setting the system clock over a network
Regional Internet registryOrganization responsible for allocating IP addresses
Registration Data Access ProtocolProtocol for accessing registration data of domain names
Reliable Event Logging ProtocolProtocol for reliable logging of events
Reliable Server PoolingTechnique for load balancing and high availability
Reverse Address Resolution ProtocolProtocol for mapping a MAC address to an IP address
List of RFCsList of Request for Comments (RFC) documents
Robust Header CompressionProtocol for compressing IP and TCP headers
Robustness principleDesign principle stating that software should handle errors gracefully
Route poisoningTechnique for indicating an unreachable network route
Route serverServer that distributes routing information to routers
Router alert labelLabel used in IP packets to indicate special handling
Routing Assets DatabaseDatabase containing information about networkI apologize for the repeated cutoffs. Here’s the continuation of the table:
Routing Assets DatabaseDatabase containing information about network assets
Routing Information ProtocolDistance-vector routing protocol for IP networks
RsyslogSystem logging protocol and software
RtelnetRemote terminal emulation protocol
R Table

Salsa20Stream cipher algorithm
SCTP packet structureStructure of packets used in Stream Control Transmission Protocol
SCVPProtocol for cryptographic validation of certificates
SDXFData exchange format for sensor data
Sensor Web EnablementFramework for interoperable use of sensor networks
Service Location ProtocolProtocol for service discovery and configuration
Session Announcement ProtocolProtocol for announcing multimedia sessions
Session Description ProtocolFormat for describing multimedia sessions
Shared Whois ProjectCollaboration project for sharing Whois data
Shibboleth (software)Single sign-on and identity federation software
Simple Authentication and Security LayerFramework for authentication and data security
Simple Certificate Enrollment ProtocolProtocol for requesting and managing digital certificates
Simple Network Management ProtocolProtocol for managing and monitoring network devices
Split horizon route advertisementTechnique for preventing routing loops
SSHFP recordDNS record for storing SSH fingerprints
STD 8Specification for the File Transfer Protocol
Stream Control Transmission ProtocolTransport protocol providing reliable and ordered delivery
Sun RPCRemote Procedure Call mechanism developed by Sun Microsystems
SyslogProtocol for forwarding log messages over a network
Syslog-ngEnhanced version of the syslog protocol
S Table

T/TCPTCP extension for fast connection setup and termination
T-MPLSTransport MPLS, a variant of Multiprotocol Label Switching
T.37ITU-T standard for store and forward fax messaging
T.38ITU-T standard for real-time fax over IP networks
Tag URI schemeURI scheme for identifying resources using tags
TCP-IllinoisCongestion control algorithm for TCP
TelnetProtocol for remote terminal emulation
Token BindingSecurity mechanism for binding tokens to cryptographic keys
Tor (network)Network for anonymous communication
TR-069Protocol for remote management of devices
TSIGTransaction Signature, a mechanism for authenticated DNS transactions
TXT recordDNS record for storing arbitrary text
Type–length–valueEncoding scheme for structured data
T Table

UDP Helper AddressConfiguration parameter used in DHCP snooping
Uniform Resource IdentifierString of characters used to identify resources
Universal 2nd FactorAuthentication method using physical tokens
URI TemplateSpecification for URI patterns
URL encodingEncoding method for representing special characters in URLs
UsenetWorldwide distributed discussion system
User Datagram ProtocolTransport protocol providing connectionless communication
U Table

VCardElectronic business card format
Veronica (search engine)Search engine for Gopher menus and documents
Virtual circuit multiplexingTechniqueI apologize once again for the repeated cutoff. Here’s the continuation of the table:
Virtual circuit multiplexingTechnique for multiplexing multiple virtual circuits
VPIMVoice Profile for Internet Mail, standard for voice messaging integration with email
V Table

Web Proxy Auto-Discovery ProtocolProtocol for automatic proxy configuration in web browsers
WHOISProtocol for querying domain registration information
WHOIS++Enhanced version of the WHOIS protocol
Wide area information serverProtocol for searching and retrieving information
Wireless Transport Layer SecurityProtocol for securing wireless communications
W Table

X.1035ITU-T standard for service definition
Xpress Transport ProtocolTransport protocol optimized for high-performance networks
X Table

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